Microtik DIN Rail Mounting Adaptor Kit for Microtik Switch RB750Gr3 & RB750r2


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This allows a 5 port Microtik RB750Gr3 & RB750r2 Switch to be mounted on a standard 35mm DIN Rail. This will mount any Microtik router that has dimensions 113mmx89mmx28mm

Mounting Kit Contents

  • 1 x DIN Rail Mounting Adaptor for Microtik RB750Gr3 & RB750r2

Microtik Router Not Included in this listing - DIN Bracket only

How To Use

See the YouTube video to see how to use the Microtik/Netgear 35mm DIN Rail Blade Adaptor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUCw5S1VdT0