Raspberry Pi DIN Rail Adaptor Kit (35mm) - Pi's 2,3,4 + Other Devices


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This allows any Raspberry Pi with or without a case to be attached to standard 35mm DIN Rails. The adaptor has M2.5 clearance holes to screw to the standard Raspberry Pi 2,3,4 mounting holes on a bare board or if you have cases that also use the Raspberry Pi mounting holes then they can also be screwed on directly.

For Raspberry Pi cases with mounting holes, the adaptor also has holes to thread cable zip ties to secure this kind of cases to the adaptor.

The adaptor can also be used to mount any other electronic devices such as routers, switches, hard disk drives to the DIN rain by attaching the device to the adaptor using cable zip ties.

Mounting Kit Contents

  • 1 x Raspberry Pi DIN Rail Adaptor
  • 2 x 3.2mm Black cable zip ties
  • 4 x M2.5x15mm screws
  • 4 x M2.5 Nuts
  • 4 x M2.5 Spacers

How To Use

See the YouTube video to see how to use the Raspberry Pi DIN Rail Adaptor